Antonio Zapatero
Character Infomation
Name Antonio Zapatero
Nickname Rabbit
Gender Male
Age 28
DoB 3/21/1985
Occupation Drug courier
Residence Unknown
Family members Unknown
Likes Women
Dislikes David, Derek
Status Unknown
Background Information
First Appearance Season 1, Episode 1
Latest Appearance Season 1, Episode 1
Voiced by Ben Giroux

Antonio Zapatero is a drug courier and a suspect who appears to know who 'D' was.


Antonio works as a courier for the 'Real Blood' drug. He was known as 'Rabbit' for his skills to burrow 'underground' and only to pop up later somewhere else. He was transported on a plane from Washington, D.C to Boston with US Marshall, Derek Buchanan, for further investigations when a lightning struck the plane, causing him to 'vanish' without a trace. He appeared at the end of Episode 2 where he was badly injured after being tortured by Derek.


Nothing much is known about Antonio except he is a drug courier who is smart in burrowing 'underground' and pop up somewhere else later. He can be violent and aggressive as shown where he stomps Derek for trying to take his fake eyeball out when he was drugged to sleep. Antonio was mentioned he is a sleazy womanizer by Kaysen and probably fooled many women in his time.


Antonio has curly black hair, tanned skin and brown eyes. His right eye appears to be a fake eyeball. He also appears to have a piercing on his left nostril and his left eyebrow seems to have two huge gaps between it. He wears a purple long-sleeved shirt with white collar and a pair of black pants. He is also shown to possess a very hairy chest.


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