Deborah Anderson
Character Infomation
Name Deborah Anderson
Nickname None
Gender Female
Occupation Nurse
Residence Whereabouts in Boston
Family members Unknown
Likes Dr. Johnson
Status Alive
Background Information
First Appearance Season 1, Episode 1
Latest Appearance Season 1, Episode 1
Voiced by Amanda Rollins

Deborah Anderson is a nurse working in Boston for 5 years.


Deborah was flying to Washington D.C to celebrate her five-year employment anniversary.


Deborah is a worrywart and appears to be fearful about anything that is going on in the plane, from 'squeaking' windows to terrified of putting down her hands and feet due to fear of being electrocuted. She is very devoted to a doctor named Dr. Johnson and always repeated things she has learned from him. She has a habit of writing down anything peculiar or dangerous in her trusty notepad. She also seems to be informative in some things.


Deborah has fair skin, long, curly blond hair and light blue eyes. She wears a purple vest and the plane's safety vest at the beginning.


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