Derek Buchanan
Character Infomation
Name Derek Buchanan
Nickname Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation US Marshall
Residence Unknown
Family members Unnamed wife

Unnamed daughter

Dislikes People making fun of him
Status Deceased
Background Information
First Appearance Season 1, Episode 1
Latest Appearance Season 1, Episode 2
Voiced by Michael Sorich

Derek Buchanan is the US Marshall in charge of transporting Antonio Zapatero and a 'D' suspect.


Not much is known about Derek's background but it was shown that he has a family before they were killed by the members who are associated in the production of 'Real Blood'. He investigates the 'Real Blood' case along with the DEA .

He was responsible for transporting Antonio Zapatero, a drug courier, from Washington D.C. to Boston. Near the end of Episode 2, he was seen torturing Antonio before being pierced in the neck by a thick electrical wire which instantly kills him.


Derek is stoic and an introvert kind of person. He is passionate in his work until his work takes him over the line. He takes pride in possessing the historically-significant title of 'Marshal,' and has a strong sense of justice. He swears to find anybody related with 'Real Blood' to take revenge for his deceased wife and daughter.


Derek has fair skin, is bald and has a huge scar across his lower left face. He wears a black coat with a white long-sleeved collared shirt inside, a red tie, a pair of black pants and shoes and a pair of expensive sunglasses.


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