Character Infomation
Name Duncan
Nickname None
Gender Male
Occupation Fashion Designer
Residence Unknown
Family members Unknown
Likes Trendy fashion, Sukey
Dislikes People saying Sukey is a mannequin
Status Alive
Background Information
First Appearance Season 1, Episode 1
Latest Appearance Season 1, Episode 2
Voiced by Ray Chase

Duncan is a fashion designer who travels with his partner (a mannequin), Sukey.


Duncan mostly works as a fashion designer on the East Coast. He travels with Sukey, his companion.


Duncan loves to catch up with the latest fashion trends. He employs theories that mundane people couldn't possibly understand. He quickly gets mad whenever people tells him that Sukey is a mannequin.


Duncan has fair skin and green hair, twisted to look like a unicorn's horn. He wears a polka dots scarf and a pair of trendy glasses.


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