Forrest Kaysen
Character Infomation
Name Forrest Kaysen
Nickname Teddy

Grizzly (Before)

Gender Male
Occupation Head of the Boston Police Department Narcotics Taskforce
Residence Thompsonville, MA

New York (Before)

Family members Diana (Girlfriend)
Likes Eating
Status Alive
Background Information
First Appearance Prologue
Latest Appearance Season 1, Episode 2
Voiced by David Lodge

Forrest Kaysen is David's best friend and partner.


Forrest and David used to work together for the Boston Police Department Narcotics Unit before the murder of Peggy Young. Now, he is still currently working for the Narcotics Unit and is the leader of a special drug investigation unit. He always visits David and helps out by giving him sources and information related to the murder case.


Forrest is shown to be caring towards his friend, David, after the murder of Peggy. He helps around by providing sources and information linked to the case and cooking for them. He seems to have a big appetite for food and often gobbles up more food compared to David. He lacks delicacy and often has difficulties in dealing with women, especially his long-time girlfriend, Diana. Like any veteran, Forrest utilizes his extensive experience and takes a logical, common-sense approach to case-solving, in contrast with David, who usually just goes on his gut feeling.


Forrest has fair skin, light blue eyes and grey hair along with facial hair. He has a huge, faint colored mole on his left cheek. He wears a pair of thick-framed glasses. His outfit are a stripped collared shirt inside his brown coat, a pair of brown pants and black shoes. He wears a leg support on his lower left leg.


  • The name Forrest Kaysen was used for a character in other SWERY's games: Deadly Premonition and Spy Fiction.
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