Olivia Jones
Character Infomation
Name Olivia Jones
Nickname EAGLE (Codename)
Gender Female
Occupation Agent
Residence Unknown
Family members Unknown
Status Alive
Background Information
First Appearance Season 1, Episode 1
Latest Appearance Season 1, Episode 2
Voiced by Erika Harlacher

Olivia Jones is an undercover agent who is assigned on the same mission as Phillip Cheney.


Olivia is an agent, investigating the 'Real Blood' case. She goes undercover as a flight attendant along with her partner, Phillip Cheney.


Olivia is dedicated in doing her work as an agent and is highly skilled. She is a competitive type and her desires for constant perfections makes her a bit stiff. Due to David's irresponsible behavior and the unusual happenings during her investigation, she started to reveal her true colors but she still possesses a tender personality deep inside her.


Olivia has fair skin and dark blonde hair tied into a bun. She also appears to have three small moles underneath her left eye just like Peggy Young, making David mistaken her as Peggy many times. She wears Access Gateways Airlines official uniform, a small blue cap, a red scarf with black and white stripes tied around her neck, a buttoned up white collar, short sleeved shirt, a knee-length blue skirt and a pair of light blue high heels.


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