To keep everyone at least feel happy and comfortable in the community, we have a few rules that requires you to follow them. Rule-breakers will be punished appropriately, depending on what type of offences you have made.

If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask any administrators available! (We won't bite, we promise!)

Note: These rules will change from time to time, depending on the situation of the community. Feel free to contact the administrator if you think the rules needed something, we highly appreciate it!

General Rules

1. Respect everyone in the community.

  • We will not tolerate any form of disrespecting towards others such as bullying, harassment, racism, etc. If you want others to treat you nice, be nice to them.

2. No spamming and/or going off-topic.

  • This includes double posting (unless you have a bad internet connection, it is acceptable), gibberish/nonsense stuff, chain messages and others that are considered as spam or/and off-topic.

3. No advertising.

4. Do not discuss sensitive topics.

  • It is nice to share stuff and/or opinions on the internet but these kind of sensitive topics (like politics, religion, etc.) are not allowed to be discussed here at all to avoid flame war.

5. Do not vandalize anything in the wiki.

Article/Editing Rules

  • Please check your spelling and grammar when you are editing an article.
  • Make sure the information you are adding is accurate.
  • Do not add anything that is not related to the article.
  • Before making a new article, please make sure the article you are making is not the same with the existing article.
  • Put the articles in the correct category.

Thank you for reading the rules and keep up the good work in editing!

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